Special Terms and Conditions J&P Travel

Special conditions of the organizer

The organizer is free in determining his special conditions. However, these can never contradict the General Terms and Conditions nor the law. The special conditions also serve as explanatory notes to the general conditions.

Article 1: Prices

1. The agreed price in the package travel contract is – except for obvious material error – fixed and all services mentioned therein are included.
2. In accordance with the Package Travel Law, the price of a trip can only change due to an increase in fuel prices and/or a significant change in the exchange rate. These changes may be charged to the customer in accordance with the Package Travel Law.
3. Prices given verbally or by telephone by a travel agent or our reservation service are always subject to change. Only written price confirmations are valid.

Article 2: Payment of the travel sum.

A deposit is paid when booking the trip, this deposit depends on the trip and it must be in J&P travel’s account seven days after the booking date. The amount of the deposit can be found in the confirmation email you receive from us after submitting the booking online. The amount of the deposit will also appear on the order form. The deposit must be in J&P Travel’s account within seven days. You pay the remaining amount 1 month before departure.

Article 3: Termination of the package tour contract.

1. By the traveler: Travelers can cancel their booking at any time after a final booking but the travel cost must be paid in full first. We therefore recommend that travelers purchase additional cancellation insurance. In that view, we do accept substitutes. The money will not be refunded until another traveler is finally and correctly registered, that is, after the new traveler has transferred the correct amount to J&P Travel’s account.

If you do not find replacements we handle a disconnection fee determined as follows:

  • filing fee of 75€ per person
  • Up to and including 57 days before departure: 25% of the travel sum per person
  • from the 56th to the 29th day: 40% of the travel sum per person
  • from the 21st to the 15th day: 60% of the travel sum per person
  • from the 14th to the 8th day: 85% of the travel sum per person
  • from the 7th to the day of departure: 100% of the travel sum per person (no handling fee)
  • note: if the hotelier imposes higher charges than those listed above, those higher charges will be charged

2 .Given the adventurous and flexible nature of the trip – of which the traveler is aware – J&P Travel will, as far as possible, seek solutions for changes to the program and the consequences of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances occurring at the destination. If that solution is in line with the nature of the trip, the traveler is not entitled to cancellation free of charge. The provisions of the travel advice of Foreign Affairs are guiding in this regard.

Article 4: Formalities

1. The traveler must confirm to have taken note of the information regarding the formalities to be completed and the duration for obtaining them communicated to him in the package travel contract.
2. Minors must have a photo ID card or a valid international travel pass and must present documents, on which the parents give their permission to travel alone and which indicate the date of arrival and departure from the country concerned.
3. When renting cars and renting motor homes or campervans, a credit card (no debit or prepaid cards) in the name of the main driver is required and each driver listed on the contract must hold a valid driver’s license (if necessary in combination with an international driver’s license) for the visited
destination. An international driver’s license must be obtained from the municipality in a timely manner. An international driver’s license should always be combined with a valid national driver’s license. Some destinations may require other documents, these will be communicated to the traveler in the Package Travel Agreement).
4. The traveler must vouch for any vaccinations. Given J&P Travel has no medical authority, the traveler should evaluate the information provided with a licensed physician. Special health risks (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, asthma, allergies, back problems, pregnancy, epilepsy …) must be
be signaled to J&P Travel at the time of application and confirmation.

Article 5: The travel program

1. Transportation to and from the airport in Belgium, Holland or Germany (depending on which airport you depart from) must be arranged by the traveler.
2. The traveler expressly confirms to be aware of the adventurous nature of the trip, with its possible lack and with the possible program changes due to local conditions in the country visited.
3. The travel program is described in the pre-contractual information which is part of the package travel agreement.
4. Pictures in the brochures and on the website are illustrative and are not part of the contract.
5. The content and sequence of the travel program can always change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of J&P Travel (road conditions, weather conditions, natural disasters, political unrest or instability, force majeure pieces of cars, cancellation or double booking by hotel owners). J&P Travel and its appointees will always do what is necessary to keep the program going to the extent possible.
6. Unforeseen circumstances and/or force majeure (weather conditions,car breakdown, cancellation or double booking by hotel owners etc.) affecting the course of the trip can never be recovered from the organization.

Article 6 : Liability

1. J&P Travel is not liable for the proper execution of the total travel service if the traveler does not book the entire package with J&P Travel. Excursions and other services booked locally are not the responsibility of J&P Travel. Whoever books other participants is liable for compliance with the General and Special Terms and Conditions by the persons he has registered. The traveler is obliged, at the time of booking, to communicate to J&P Travel all necessary information related to the trip. Such as physical and mental health, allergies, specific eating habits, nationality, exact age of children at the time of the trip,… J&P Travel is not responsible for the omission or misreporting of this information. Any resulting costs will be borne by the traveler. Whoever registers other participants is liable for the compliance of the General and Special Terms and Conditions by those he registers.
2. You undertake this trip at your own risk, J&P Travel cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur.
3. J&P Travel cannot be held responsible for acts or statements made by participants during the trip that could be grounds for legal action.

Article 7: Luggage

1. J&P travel is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. However, the potential liability of carrier or hotel remains.
2. If baggage is lost or damaged, the traveler must fill out a property irregularity report at the airport’s lost baggage department. Without this document, it is impossible to obtain reimbursement. A formal complaint must also be filed with the airline concerned within the 7 days.
3. Advice on allowable weight of luggage must be followed. Any additional costs for excess weight shall be borne by the traveler Article 8: Carriers’ schedules. Carrier schedules listed are indicative. In all circumstances, the traveler should note that these may be changed both before and during the trip

Article 9: Complaints procedure

1. The participant should first of all contact J&P Travel if he/she is dissatisfied with any non-conformity he/she experiences during the execution of the package tour agreement via +32456365752 or info@jptravel.be.
2. All agreements are governed exclusively by Belgian law.

Article 10: Rental cars and camping equipment

1. On some trips, J&P Travel provides rental cars and camping equipment to travelers. Travelers should take care of this material like a good steward. Traffic fines and the infliction of intentional damage are therefore the responsibility of the travelers.
2. Comprehensive insurance is always included, but on some trips with rental cars, there is a deductible per claim and/or not all damage is covered by the insurance. This exemption or non-covered damage is at the expense of the travelers.

Article 11: Age and name

1. The minimum age for our solo trips is 18 years .
2. Travelers must provide the name information as shown on their official identity documents when registering. If an error leads to additional costs (ticket, permit) these are borne by the traveler

Article 12: Photo materials and testimonials

1. Photos taken during a J&P Travel trip may be used in J&P Travel communications. These can be photos that include travelers. If the traveler does not wish this, he can notify this by registered mail before departure to: J&P Travel Ladderstraat 10, 3620 Lanaken or by telephone at +32456365752
Testimonials, anonymous or named, as noted in feedback forms may be used in J&P Travel’s communications. If the traveler does not wish to do so, he must expressly state so at that place.