1. The price

Depending on the services booked, some of the provisions below may not apply to the booking made.
All prices, surcharges and discounts are per person unless specifically stated otherwise.

1.1 The price includes:
(a) round trip transportation between the airport and the residence if provided for in the program;
b) hotel room with the meals provided for in the program;
(c) VAT according to the known assessment rates.
1.2 Not included are:
(a) the cost of travel pass, visa, vaccinations and other formalities unless otherwise stated;
(b) the beverages, unless otherwise specified;
(c) personal expenses and gratuities;
(d) excursions not expressly listed as included;
(e) the tourist tax imposed by the government after the publication of the offer and to be paid on the spot;

1.3 On request
There is generally no charge for an on-demand booking. However, charges will be made if
(a) the reservation service considers the request unrealizable and urges the traveler to make the request anyway;
b) the file is cancelled by the traveler before receiving any response from the destination and within 7 days of booking.
In both cases, the cost is €12.50 per file.

1.4 Preference and essence
Travelers can always specify a preference (e.g., room on top floor, etc.) when booking their trip, even if this amenity is offered or not, with or without a surcharge. We will transfer this preference to the relevant service provider but cannot guarantee it.
If this preference is of such importance to the traveler that whether or not to book the trip depends on it, one speaks of an essence. This does need to be made clear at the time of booking. The cost for a confirmed essence application is €12.50. In addition, additional fees may be charged by the service provider.
If the essence is requested after the confirmation, the usual conditions apply in case of cancellation after a negative answer.
For late bookings from 7 days before departure we advise against essence requests, we can always include the question or comment as a preference.

1.5 Additional Costs
– booking with a changing room occupancy during the stay: € 25 per file;
– delivery of travel documents by mail if the original choice was to obtain them via the Internet: € 12.50 per file.

2. Pricing

The price agreed in the contract is fixed and all services, taxes and duties mentioned are included, subject to an apparent material

3. Pricing

3.1 Stay and other services abroad
Prices for lodging and other services abroad were calculated according to the rates and exchange rates in effect on 01/01/2022. If exchange rates change after this date, prices for lodging and other services abroad will not be revised.
3.2 Charges and taxes
The levies and taxes due for the services rendered were also calculated according to the rates in force on 01/01/20220. Increases or reductions in taxes and/or duties after this date shall be added to or subtracted from the travel price on a net basis.

4. Payment of the travel sum

4.1 Advance payment
The advance referred to in Art. 6 of the General Conditions depends on the time and nature of the booking. A price adjustment (if any) of the travel price cannot give rise to a revision of the advance paid.
4.1.1 In case of booking up to 42 days before the day of departure:
30% of the travel price upon receipt of confirmation. The balance account is available from 42 days before departure and must be settled no later than the due date.
4.1.2 In case of a late booking (less than 42 days before the departure day):
In case of a late booking (less than 42 days before the departure day), the full travel price is due immediately.
4.2 Late or non-payment
4.2.1 Bookings 42 days or more before departure
Non-payment or incomplete payment of an account on the due date shall be due by operation of law and without the need for prior notice of default:
– conventional interest of 12% per annum on the unpaid amount from the due date;
– liquidated damages in the amount of 10% of the unpaid amount, with a minimum of € 75;
If an invoice is not paid in full by the due date, Taous Tours Morocco has the right to cancel the trip after formal notice. In this case, the cancellation fee provided for in Article 6 is payable by the traveler, subject to the right of Taous Tours Morocco to claim additional compensation and interest. Any advances paid by the traveler will be offset against the fee charged.
4.2.2 Bookings less than 42 days before departure
In the absence of immediate payment of the full cost of the trip, Taous Tours Morocco has the right to cancel the trip by operation of law and without notice of default. In this case, the cancellation fee provided for in Article 6 is payable by the traveler, subject to the right of Taous Tours Morocco to claim additional compensation and interest. Any advances paid by the traveler will be offset against the fee charged.

5. Condition for booking.

A booking can only be made by an able-bodied, adult person, or a minor person under the conditions set forth in this article. A booking made by a minor will be refused unless the minor has reached the age of 12, the minor is accompanied by his/her parents or legal guardian, the minor can present the written consent of that person and the provider of the accommodation where the minor will stay gives his/her consent for the stay of (an) unaccompanied minor(s).
The booking will only be validly made if all these conditions are met, and after the accommodation provider has given his written consent to the stay of the minor(s). Any confirmation of booking by Taous Tours Morocco is made under the suspensive condition of receiving the consent due to the provider of 6. Cancellation
The cancellation of a booked trip can only be communicated to the tour operator in writing at info@taous-tours.com , indicating the reference of the booking.
The fee due depends on the type of trip and the time of cancellation. The cancellation fee is calculated on the travel price excluding the administration fee. Days before departure to 57 days
for departures 56 to 29 days
for departures 28 to 22 days
for departures 21 to 15 days
for departures 14 to 8 days
for departures from 7 days
for departure date

6.1 Trip/Program by Taous Tours Marokoo
* 35 % of the travel sum 50 % of the travel sum 75 % of the travel sum 90 % of the travel sum 100 % of the travel sum
6.2 Infants
In case of cancellation of an infant (a non-paying child under 2 years of age), the fee payable is €12.50. If cancelled together with a paying travel companion, this fee will not be charged.

7. Amendments to the travel agreement
a. By the tour operator
The tour operator reserves the right to make insignificant changes to the travel agreement. The tour operator will inform the customer of this, this via a durable data carrier (e.g. e-mail).
b. By the customer
Changes to a booked trip will be accepted upon payment of fees in addition to any price adjustment.
7.1 Change of hotel € 25 per file + extra cost if hotel is more expensive

8. Liability

8.1 General
The travel organizer’s liability (if any) is not involved in cases of force majeure, an event that he could not foresee or remedy even with due diligence, or situations as enumerated in Article 50 of the Law of November 21, 2017.
9. Complaint Procedure

9.1 Complaints at the destination
Any complaint should be reported on site as soon as possible, preferably in this order:
– To the relevant service provider
– To the tour operator’s representative during visiting hours or by telephone (details in the travel documents)
If the complaint is filed only after the vacation, the facts cannot always be determined and the right to compensation may be forfeited.
If the complaint was not satisfactorily resolved on the spot or if the traveller was unable to submit a complaint on the spot, the traveller must submit an official complaint to the retailer or the tour operator by registered letter or return receipt requested, at the latest one month after the end of the travel contract.
9.2 Services not obtained
Reimbursement of services not received may be made only upon presentation of an attestation from the service provider involved clearly stating which services the traveler did not receive and are eligible for reimbursement.
When filing a complaint, all relevant evidence should be submitted. Only evidentiary complaints can be considered.